The Green Lanes Marketing Group

The Green Lanes Marketing Group is an initiative set up to work for all beef farmers. As beef producers ourselves, we understand how important it is to receive the beef price needed in order to remain sustainable and profitable.

Since starting in the spring of 2019, over 50 farmers have joined the farmer owned and farmer run scheme from all across the UK, with a collective 11,000 cattle between the members..

As a scheme we have worked hard to develop strong industry connections and relationships with retail customers, that want a consistent supply of high quality beef.

As a group, we can achieve prices anywhere from 3-10% above the open market price, making a huge difference to profitability.

With a national network of abattoirs, we have created jobs for all cattle types from continental and native breeds, to Holstein/Friesian steers and cull cows.


Whatever farm size or breed of cattle you keep, we can help. We just ask that you aspire to the high standards of production that our members strive to achieve, so farm assurance is essential.

We are looking for more farmers and producers to join us, there is strength in numbers.

Call 07834268703 or email jack@greenlanesfarming for more information.

Dairy Farmer







In order to produce what both the customer and consumer want, there must be a good integrated supply chain. This is one of our core principles, and we want to work alongside you, so that we can all benefit from the opportunities our system has to offer. Because we are farmers ourselves, we know what a difference having a consistent outlet, and consistent price makes!